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    with all of the cold, snowy, icy, generally horrible weather we've been having lately, it seems like a lot of people are getting the opportunity to work from home - at least for a day a or two. I work from home most days and usually love it - but I've certainly found there to be some challenges associated with trying to crank things out while the comfort of your sofa (or bed...) is calling your name. so, I've pulled together a few of my best tips for making each work-at-home day that you have as productive as possible. hope you enjoy - and leave a comment below to share your own work-from-home tips!
    1. keep your living area and your work area separate: my husband and I live in a new york city apartment (read: small), so this one can be difficult for me sometimes - but do what you can to keep your work area separate from your living area. doing so will help you get into "work mode" when you need to, and should make it easier for you to turn things off when it's time to relax in the evenings.
    2. get dressed: though it's incredibly tempting to lounge around in your sweats all day (and, to be totally honest, I definitely give into this temptation from time to time), don't. put yourself together, and take your day seriously. no need to wear formal business attire, but getting out of your pajamas will help you feel - and be - more productive.
    3. stick to a regular schedule: wake up at the same time you would if you were going into the office, and treat your normal working hours as just that. it's easy to let your work bleed into your personal time, so make an effort to shut things down at a regular time, giving yourself to relax and recharge.
    4. use a to-do list: when you're working in an office, you can expect to have people calling or dropping by throughout the day with different projects or requests. working from home, you won't have that - at least not as much - so it's up to you to keep yourself on track. it helps me to write out a to-do list every single day, to make sure I stay focused and give appropriate attention to each task that needs to be completed.
    5. take breaks: as I mentioned before, our apartment is fairly small - and it can get claustrophobic when I'm working there all day. I've learned that it's hugely important - and helps keep my motivation and creativity flowing - to get up every once in a while and take a break. get out of your house or apartment; walk around the block, or just step into your backyard for a few minutes. A break from your computer and a breath of fresh air will reinvigorate you and help you stay pumped up to get through the rest of your day.