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    our physical location isn't the only recent change here at emma mckinstry. if you've visited the site in the past few weeks, you might have noticed that things look a little different - particularly, our logo.

    I've wanted to add a graphic element to the emma mckinstry logo for a little while, and timing it to coincide with our big move made sense. new city, new (sort of) logo.
    when I sat down to think about what image should accompany our original text logo, I had literally no idea what that image should be. I did know, however, that there were three things that needed to be represented in the final design: faith, rhode island, and lexington, ky.
    God and my faith in Him are extremely important to me, personally - and are, therefore, at the very core of this business. I have an open and ongoing dialog with God, and regularly ask for His guidance - in life generally, as well as with respect to emma mckinstry. thus, it was very important to me that the new graphic component of our logo incorporate a Christian symbol.
    on a real anchor, the arms cross the center shaft right at its top. but for our design, I shifted away from authenticity just a tad, placing the arms a little lower, and thereby turning the shaft and arms into a Christian cross. the cross is subtle - but stands tall and strong, the core of the anchor itself.
    rhode island
    ever since the earliest days of emma mckinstry, we've worked with a wonderful manufacturer in providence, rhode island - a city with a storied history of excellence in costume jewelry production. I couldn't have dreamed up a better partnership than the one we have, and I feel extremely blessed to have connected with our manufacturer when I was first starting this company.
    I wanted rhode island represented in the logo because it's a place that plays a large role in emma mckinstry, being where our imagined designs are transformed into tangible pieces. and, an anchor - a shape often associated with coastal New England living - seemed like a natural fit for the logo. when I realized that the shape of an anchor could be manipulated in a way that enabled the inclusion of my two other design non-negotiables - representations of faith and kentucky (read on...) - it was a done deal.
    emma mckinstry was founded in new york city, but we've just begun a new chapter here in lexington. new york will always be a special place for me and for this business, but both our present and our future are in kentucky.
    the horse industry is huge in lexington. and I mean huuuuuge. there are more than 400 horse farms in the area, which is also referred to as "the horse capital of the world". so, really, I couldn't represent lexington any other way than with an equestrian symbol. thankfully, as mentioned above, a horseshoe fit perfectly within the overall anchor design. look carefully, and you'll notice that the base of the anchor takes on the shape of a right-side-up horseshoe, rather than the more pointed shape typically seen on anchors.
    so, there you have it: the inspiration behind our newly updated logo! hope you've enjoyed learning about the design and, as always, happy shopping!