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    the stereotype about new yorkers wearing all black all the time is (mostly) true - and especially so during the fall and winter. as soon as those cold weather coats start to come out, it's like the whole island forgets about color. and, I get it. I do. black is chic, it's easy, and when we lived up there, I found myself in head-to-toe black on many an occasion.
    this year, though, I'm trying to incorporate more color into my seasonal wardrobe, and this vibrant sweater (select colors on sale!) certainly helps with that effort. not to mention, it's incredibly comfortable, and I recently read an article all about the many different benefits of merino wool. (I cant' find the link again, or else I'd include it here - but will add if I can find it!).
    in addition to trying to wear more brights this season, I've really been enjoying breaking out some of my boldest statement necklaces. a simple crewneck sweater is a perfect backdrop for a sparkly, oversized, 'look at me' piece, like our brand new daydreamer necklace.
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