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    one of the (many) reasons I love fall so much is because of the clothes. the weather is usually moderate enough not to need winter's bulky coats and gloves, but the crisp fall air does necessitate some light layers. my favorite.
    and, speaking of favorites: how about this faux fur vest?! it was a birthday gift a few years ago (no longer available, but several similar - and equally great - options included below), and ever since it landed in my closet, it's been a major fall / winter staple. this time of year, I love to pair the vest - which is quite thick - with a thin and colorful blouse, like the green BCBG one I'm wearing here. (also love this one, and this!)
    faux fur really has come a very long way in recent years. it used to be that you could tell if something was faux from a mile away, but nowadays, it can be extremely difficult to tell real from fake. and I love that. I choose never to wear real fur, but I've always loved how cozy and luxurious it looks. thus, the relatively recent arrival of "is it real?" pieces gets two thumbs up from me.
    (cross bracelet)

    (on the fringe necklace)

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