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    my husband and I were on cumberland island (georgia) last week, and I'm convinced there's no place in the world like it. more on our trip later, but the island has a varied topography and, in certain areas, looks just like what I imagine parts of africa are like (though I've never actually been there...).
    feeling inspired by our safari-like surroundings one afternoon, I pulled out my most favorite pants ever (mine are olive green from last year; similar here - fatigue green / here - hunter green) and wore them with other safari-toned pieces: short brown booties, a black cardigan (love this one - currently 25% off!), denim shirt (similar), and a tan pashmina (bought on the streets of nyc - the best bargain you'll find anywhere in the city; $5 per scarf, and they wear shockingly well; I've had some of mine for years).
    also, as my business is, at its core, a jewelry shop, I thought it'd be fun to start including some jewelry advice with these outfit posts - tips and tricks to help you accessorize looks like the ones I put together here. hope you enjoy, and scroll all the way down to shop some of my current safari-inspired favorites!
      statement studs (like our sunburst earrings) are a great alternative to your everyday pearls. wear them with your hair pulled back to let them make a real impact.

      rose gold looks extremely elegant when worn with generally neutral colors - black, navy, cream, camel, tan, and greens in the 'fatigue' family (think: muted, instead of jewel tones) are all great options.

      though we're in the 'long sleeves' time of year now, it doesn't mean you have to pack away your bracelets. turned up (like mine) or bracelet-length sleeves are a perfect way to show off your stack.
      (sunburst earrings)

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