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    it's been a busy, busy week - but friday has finally arrived. thank goodness. hope you enjoy this latest weekly round-up, and have a great weekend!
    a young social media star (with half a million instagram followers) has just deactivated her accounts. and she is freaking awesome for it. read more about her story here and here.
    although giving year-round is, obviously, the ideal, we all tend to be a little more generous this time of year. for those of us without bill-and-melinda-gates-sized giving budgets, learnvest has rounded up a great list of ways to 'microgive'.
    stress-free living is a myth. but, that doesn't mean your perception of the stressors in your life doesn't matter. because it does.
    one of my favorite bloggers, kelly in the city, shares some really helpful tips for saving money in the city. (which can also be applied to living in the country, the suburbs, anywhere...).
    what happened to hobbies?
    I've been looking to add to my shoe wardrobe this season, and these are absolute perfection. (they're also on sale).
    and, speaking of shoes, how incredible are these?!
    the coziest fair isle cardigan you've ever seen.
    the first of several gift guides went up on the blog yesterday! check it out for some great hostess gift options.
    all about studs love this season.
    white after labor day? yes.
    a few thoughts on unplugging.
    | FAITH |
    "but Jesus looked at them and said 'with men it is impossible, but not with God; for with God all things are possible." // mark 10:27