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    holiday parties are fun. very fun. but, after several weeks of champagne, finger foods, and subpar sleep, we all start to get a bit run down. there are, however, things we can do to keep ourselves feeling great and functioning properly through the celebrations and right on into the new year. I've pulled together a few holiday party survival tips below and, as always, feel free to add to the list by leaving a comment!
    1. don't over-indulge. really, this is the only tip you need for getting through the holiday party season in tact. keep everything - drinks, food, late nights - in moderation, and you'll kick off 2016 with energy and without an extra 10 pounds.
    2. learn to say no. it's okay to say no to an invitation. really. just because you've been invited to a party, it doesn't (necessarily) mean you're obligated to go. this time of year is always extremely busy, and it's okay not to be able to do it all. if you do regret an invitation, though, it's always best to do it over the phone. be genuine, and let the person who invited you know how sorry you are to be missing their event.
    3. eat dinner before each party. this falls in line with the whole not over-indulging thing. eat a healthy meal before rushing out to your evening soiree, and you'll be far less tempted by the finger foods or hors d'oeuvres. if you don't have time for a pre-party meal, try drinking a glass or two of sparkling water instead. the carbonation will help you feel full for a little while, so you can avoid eating a meals-worth of mini quiches and Christmas cookies.
    4. stick with your regular routines. it's all too easy to let go of your regular gym, diet, skincare, or whatever routines this time of year - you're just to busy, I know, I get it. but, if you want to ring in 2016 still feeling and looking your best, it's imperative that you don't let holiday party time get in the way of the regular practices that keep you healthy, vibrant, and feeling alive.
    5. let go of fomo. move beyond fomo, and don't let your fear of what might happen after the party keep you out later than you know is good for you. it's okay to trade in staying up for end-of-the-night shenanigans for a good nights' sleep instead. your body will thank you for the fomo-less decision in the morning.
    6. practice proper post-party etiquette. in the days immediately following each holiday party you attend, put pen to paper and send your host or hostess a thoughtful note to tell them how much you enjoyed their event. remember: it takes a lot of time and effort to put together a party, and it's always nice to recognize this time and effort with a good, old-fashioned thank you note.
    how do you survive the holiday party circuit? leave any tips or tricks you've picked up over the years in a comment, below!