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    when I was still working in public relations, the last three weeks of december were my favorite weeks of the entire year. the office slowed down to a virtual stand-still, I had significantly less work to do, and everything and everyone was much more low key and relaxed. now, working for myself full-time, december is definitely busier and more hectic - but, I'm certainly not complaining about that. in fact, being forced to stay busy at a time of year when I would otherwise have been slacking off has taught me a few things about end-of-year productivity - and why these last few weeks of december are the best weeks to get ahead. read on for a few more thoughts / tips on the topic!
    stay ahead of the game by making use of your quiet time. stay a step ahead of the competition by actually using your quiet time this month, rather than letting it float by while you lounge around in your PJs while watching Netflix all day. (not that there's anything wrong with that...in moderation...). while others are goofing off, use this time to get yourself organized and prepped for the coming year, read a book that can help with your career or personal goals, or put some extra time and effort into a personal project you've been wanting to do for a while.
    reflect and plan. most days seem to zoom by at a million miles an hour and, before you know it, another year is over, and you haven't had so much as a minute to process anything that's actually happened during it. when things are quiet this month, take some time to reflect on 2015 - your successes and your failures, your happy moments and your sad ones. celebrate the high points, and process the low ones. then, take your 2015 experiences and figure out how you want to change them (or not) to set yourself up for the best 2016 you could possibly have. make a plan and set goals for the coming year, and think about how you'll execute your plan or achieve your goals.
    do give yourself time to unwind. as important as it is to use the last few weeks of the year productively, it is also important to give yourself some true time to unwind and destress. restorative relaxation is necessary and, in its own way, is actually productive. after some true downtime, you'll feel healthier - mentally and physically - and will enjoy a strong start to 2016. burnout is a very real thing, and the end of the year is the perfect time to recover from any burnout you might be experiencing.
    how do you stay productive through the end of the year? share any tips or feedback in a comment below!