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    with all the emailing, texting, and snapchatting that exists in the world today, the handwritten note seems to be going the way of the dodo bird. but, it doesn't have to be that way. handwritten letters are a wonderful form of communication, and the art of writing them is something that I hope will continue to be passed down the generations.
    my husband and I still send and receive letters in the mail from time to time, and we save each and every one of the ones we receive. years later, we might rediscover the note in our files and be reminded of a fun evening or a special season. how often does that happen with emails or texts?
    I keep several boxes of stationery near my desk (crane is my favorite - a timeless brand which continues to produce the most elegant options), and make an effort to send thank you notes with regularity; for gifts, of course, but also for dinners, parties, and weddings, or to friends or family who have helped me out or done something kind.
    the next time you open your email to send a personal communication, pause for a minute and consider whether or not your message might have a bigger impact if sent through the good old-fashioned post office instead of via gmail. your recipient will love to receive a handwritten note - and, who knows, you might actually find that you enjoy writing a letter more than you do typing an email!