our story

in the fall of 2012, I was 25, newly married, living in new york city, and working in the public relations industry. things were good. really good. except for one thing: I had developed a nagging desire that would not leave me alone to start a business. my job was fine - but it was just that. I had lost the enthusiasm and excitement I had had for PR when I first entered the field in 2010, and my thoughts were increasingly consumed not with my work duties and responsibilities, but rather with my new dream of self-employment.
for as long as I can remember, I've had an entrepreneurial spirit. both of my parents have dipped their toes into the entrepreneurial pond so to speak, and I grew up believing in the importance of working hard to pursue one's dreams. it wasn't until I was living and working in new york, however, that this 'entrepreneurial spirit' really took hold in my heart and grew into a very deeply-seeded desire to take action.
after a particular long week at work, I decided one evening that it was time. time to start my business. and so, in the coming days, weeks, and months, I got to work.

a jewelry-lover to the core, I had, over the years, grown increasingly frustrated with the lack of available high-quality, affordable costume jewelry options. by 2012, I had been designing and crafting my own pieces for years (selling some on etsy), preferring to spend my hard-earned money on jewelry supplies instead of on yet another disposable necklace from [insert name here] fast-fashion retailer.
too often today, costume jewelry either breaks after just a few wears, or it costs an arm and a leg to buy. but that doesn't have to be the case. from the earliest days of this company, I committed myself to bringing back the costume jewelry of my grandmothers' day; jewelry that would be designed to withstand the trends, built to last, and that would be offered at reasonable price points. I also knew from day one that there was only one place to make this kind of jewelry: the united states of america.

a few things are different about the way we do things.
first, as of 2016, we've adjusted our business model so that we now sell directly to you through our online store.* this means that we're able to eliminate the pricing markups typically required for selling through traditional bricks-and-mortar retail shops. quick translation: you pay less.
*select products are carried by L.V. Harkness in Lexington, KY.
second, we believe strongly that the quality of affordable costume jewelry has been on the decline for quite some time, and we're here to reverse that trend. most costume jewelry produced today - particularly that sold at comparable price points to our own - isn't intended to last more than a few wears. our jewelry is different. the manufacturer with whom we work produces high-quality pieces which, if cared for properly, should last you for years.
last, but certainly not least, our products are entirely made in america. from day one of this company, I knew I would never go overseas for production. I believe strongly in supporting the american economy and american workers by producing our products here. sure, there might be some benefits to going overseas - but the benefits of keeping production here are much bigger and much better. we have an extremely strong relationship with our providence, ri-based manufacturing team and are very proud to be working with such talented people.


my Christian faith plays a crucial role in my life and, as an extension of my life, in this company. I look to the Lord as a guide for all personal and business decisions and practices and strive to honor Him in all that I do.
proverbs 3:5-6
"trust in the Lord with all your heart
and lean not on your own understanding;
in all your ways submit to him
and he will make your paths straight."